Back Massagers

Whether you’re doing tough manual labour or sitting at a desk all day, your back is bound to get uncomfortable. Over-activity (or even inactivity) can leave you begging for a back massage. At HoMedics®, our back massagers provide endless options to give you the best massage experience possible. Consider a kneading shiatsu massager to help with deep-tissue tension, or a rolling massage for that little knot you can’t quite reach by hand. Heat and vibration options and massaging heads can help loosen and relax you, too. Choose a handheld massager for that pesky trouble spot, or go to a massage chair pad or massage pillow and lean right into it for maximum comfort. Massaging vibration wraps are great for travel, while a massage cushion can be positioned to massage your back, shoulders, neck, or even legs. A massaging throw or shawl will keep you nice and toasty while providing a welcome massage when you’re feeling a bit chilled. Even if you went all-out at the gym, we have the tools to help relax you quickly. So have a seat, lean back, and let HoMedics® back massagers get you back in the game.