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I bought it two weeks ago and I am extremely satisfied that my muscles were instantly relaxed at the very outright massage .I am 67 years old and on the average I run and jog four miles every day.

This product has changed my life in so many positive ways since I got it. This HoMedics Therapist Select Plus Percussion Massage gun is astounding. It’s super light weight and easy to use. You are getting a therapist grade massage right at the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t get any better then that. This massager has 6 different speeds. Everyone is perfect for all different things. The screen is LCD which is very advance and up to date with technology. This has 6 different attachments that all have multiple uses for each one. This product really helps me when I am having pain going on long runs or even just sleeping wrong. I am constantly on a computer and my neck gets stiff it has helped relieve that stubborn stiffness. I can literally bring this when I travel it came with its own carrying case to keep it perfectly organized and all together. It charges rapidly and has a long battery life. This is the ultimate massager and it is a must have !

I bought this in the first weeks of the Coronavirus crisis to help with relaxation. And both my husband and I LOVE it! It really helps with neck and shoulder and even back pain. We might buy a second one!

I love my new massager chair. It feels much better than a person, has heat, and can be personalized.

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