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Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat

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Sit back and enjoy the stimulating Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat. This easy-to-use massager features 3 massage styles: kneading shiatsu, rolling with width adjustment, and spot massage. Address your neck, shoulders, and seat all at once (or separately) with 3 preset massage programs, or add soothing heat for ultimate relaxation. Comes with a programmed controller and integrated strapping system to fit most chairs.


The Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion fits all needs when it comes to an at home massage experience. Choose between a three back-massage zones of upper, lower or entire back as well as two different massage styles. For a deep muscle massage pick kneading shiatsu or for a gentle relaxing massage go for the rolling with width adjustment feature.


Pin point specific targeted areas with the spot massage option. For an added boost in relaxation turn on the soothing heat feature for additional comfort.


There is no need to fumble for awkwardly placed controls with the Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion. A pre-programmed controller is included so that all of your options are at the push of a button in your hands. No need to reach around or try to memorise on the back or side of the unit where each button is. The integrated strapping system fits most chairs so that the massage cushion stays secure and in place during use.


  • 2 back massage styles in one cushion for the ultimate massage experience
    • Kneading Shiatsu for a deep muscle massage
    • Rolling with width adjustment for a gentle relaxing massage
  • Neck & shoulder massage melts away tension, adjusts to your perfect height, and reverses massage direction just like the hands of a masseur
  • 3 back massage zones let you concentrate the massage on your upper back, lower back, or massage your entire back
  • Spot massage allows you to pin-point a specific spot for targeted relaxation
  • 3 Preset massage programs offer unique massage experiences for ultimate relaxation and rest

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Gaurav M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Poor Chinese made

Absolutely poor quality. Did not use it for more than an day and the massage nodes started making cracking noise and when called the customer service they were non English speaking and least helping. Somehow I was able to get the refund citing it was a present for my wife’s birthday. Please do not buy this product or Homedics as they come from China with cheapest quality possible

Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Need to have more padding

Understand massage principle but some padding between massage mechanisms and one’s spine would make the experience much more comfortable and effective

Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat

Very good. No complaints.

Soothing massage

Delivery prompt and product works as advertised

sunfire61 v.
Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion

I was so happy to get the Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat!! I immediately opened the box and took the plastic off that was so securely wrapped around cushion. HoMedics is the best and I knew I was going to be happy with this item. I carried to my computer chair and used the straps to secure to my chair. I also plugged into wall and sat in chair. I turned it on by the remote attached to the cushion. I could not believe how nice the rollers were up and down and the neck massage. I did not ever want to get out of this chair. It remained on for a great duration and it felt so good. I would recommend this to everyone!!!

ChrisR v.
t is a really nice Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

it is a really nice Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion. You can sync the shiatsu on the neck, back as well the seat cushion. It will give a really nice relax sensation. Only one detail: for taller people, it works really well. For shorter people, it is necessary use a second cushion to reach the neck in the correct place and it is not possible use the seat cushion at the same time. However, it is very efficient and fulfills its purpose very well. I definitively recommend.

pclark27 v.

I'm a big fan of the Shiatsu Elite II massage cushion! After a long day of work it feels so good and relaxing. I love keeping it on all three modes from my neck to my lower back, but it is nice that I can customize and focus just on one segment of my back/neck. The optional soothing heat is something I've used much more then what I thought I would, as it feels amazing. I also like that I can go with a more soothing rolling massage mode or more intense shiatsu massage. I love having this on hand and my back getting a massage whenever I want or need it!

Smarty45 v.
Marvelous Massage!!!

This cushion is out of this world and the best thing ever. I have never had a massage cushion before and this is heaven sent. It really works very well. It gives your back a full massage leaving your back fully satisfied. It has many different adjustments and speeds to get the right area and speed for you.

misty101 v.
Massage Cushion

This Shiatsu Elite ll Massage Cushion with soothing heat is a life saver I really love it I have terrible pain across my shoulder areas and after using this my pain is cut down to minimum the heat with this makes it that much better and I love the size too really love it!!!

noordinarylove v.
Nice but I hate the noise

There are a few things I love about this product and a few things I dislike so I'm kind of having a love/hate relationship with it but the more used to it I'm becoming, the more I am liking it more. I love that you can place it in any chair- I at first thought it would only work in my computer chair but I can actually put this on my couch and sit on it, or on my patio deck chair and it still does a great job. The controller makes it very useful and helpful to figure control what you're wanting. You can choose to turn the heat on or keep it off. You can choose to have it just do the lower back which is usually what I keep it on, or to do other parts of the body. The major con about this product is the noise. It makes a loud, pounding noise along with vibration sounding massage. I assumed I'd hear the vibration massage sound but not the banging/pounding sound so there are times of the day and at night where I can't use this product due to knowing I will wake up my roommates. Some of the massage options end up being to hard and not feeling well against me but I love the lower back setting especially when I'm dealing with menstrual problems. It relieves a lot of pressure and helps make me feel better. My husband uses this when he comes home from work so he can relax from the day. Quite easy to use, just plug it in and it's ready to go.

Rachie v.
Great portable massage

I love my Shiatsu massage cushion. I can take it anywhere and use it anytime. It has a lot of great options including heat. If you want to focus on one area you can. It has demo to which is a great feature to try out everything. The pressure is changeable to which I love!

ddruquet v.
Unbelievable Massage for a Portable

I can't say enough about the Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat by Homedics. I had a multi level fusion surgery and had two "cage" placements and this massager works better than even the professional massage chairs. It features three different massage zones (upper, lower, or entire back), or you can choose a specific spot for areas that may be more tense than others. There are also three preset massages that offer varied patterns of massage to achieve maximum results. The shiatsu label really means shiatsu because this massager gives a deep tissue massage that is essential for those that need it to relax. It's great for muscle spasms that is for sure. Best of all is I can use this in any room in the house. I have always loved the Homedics product line but they exceeded even my expectations with this massager.

Mymocha v.
Brings home massaging to another level

There's plenty of heat home massages out there in stores. I'm so glad homesick had this product that can cover your entire back and is a seat backing! Warms quickly and does its job. Only time will tell if quality is good.

CourtTheSport v.
Instant Relaxatin!

I've had the best experience with my HoMedics Shiatsu Elite ll Massage Cushion! When opening the package with my massage cushion in it I was very happy to see how carefully it was packaged by the company. It arrived in perfect condition and was very easy to set up. The instructions are to the point and simple to understand. I like that I'm able to set the massage cushion up anywhere I need to in my house or even when we go on weekend trips in our motorhome, I'm able to bring it with me! There are 2 velcro straps in the back that helps to secure it to most chairs. I like that there is a sleeve to store the attached remote in for safe keeping. There are several options with this massage cushion that make it so amazing! It has a kneading feature as well as a rolling feature. These different techniques allow for a back, neck, and shoulder massage that is superior to any other brand I have tried in the past! I'm also able to select on the remote to only have certain areas of my back focused on. I'm able to get spots worked out exactly as I like because I'm able to adjust the height and width of the location of the massagers. There are 3 different modes to choose from as well. Soothe, Revitalize, and Unwind are the options and they work perfectly at soothing and relaxing my back, neck, and shoulders! I like to switch up between these after my intense workouts and especially when I feel sore the next day. My absolute favorite feature is the heat option! The massages feel great by themselves but when the heat is added it feels beyond great! So relaxing and with the heat it works out my sore muscles quickly! Lately I've been finding myself rushing home to my massage cushion after a long day at work! I can't say enough great things about it! I will be using this for years and years!

Anonymous v.
Great product

I got this massage cushion with soothing Heat for myself about a month ago and I'm so extremely glad that I did because it really gives a deep massage will the soothing warm of heat for the over exhausted muscles or just a simple soothing relaxation and there's different settings on the remote that you could choose from and if you like a light massage you can choose that if you like a deep penetrating massage you can also choose that and you can choose as little or as much heat as you would like plus this one that I chose for myself fits just about any ordinary chair and the velcro strap keeps the cushion in place so I recommend this product for everyone to at least try but I know you're going to love it as much as I do

skg825 v.
Great Product

Works great. The rolling motion works for me, I have osteoarthritis and the kneading setting is to strong for me but the rolling with heat works great. You have a height setting so you can adjust it to height.It also has a width setting and a spot setting. And it has a soothing setting too. It works great for anyone with back issues.