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TotalClean 5-in-1 Tower Large Air Purifier

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Ready to take your surroundings to a new level of clean? Experience fresher air with the TotalClean® 5-in-1 Large Room Tower Air Purifier. 

With a 360° True HEPA filtration that removes 99.97% of airborne bacteria and allergens, the HoMedics 5 in 1 TotalClean Air Purifier helps you and your family breathe easier at home. Our HEPA filtration system filters airborne particles as small 0.3 microns. In addition, the built-in carbon filter will assist in removing odours. With 4 speeds, a night mode for uninterrupted use whilst you sleep, and replacement filter indicators, you can rely on the 5 component parts within the purifier to leave you with a cleaner and fresher smelling home.

The AP-T40 model cleans the air, removing allergens, dust, smoke, mould spores, and germs. A built-in particle sensor monitors the indoor air quality and adjusts the speed as necessary. The optional ionizer releases negative ions to help the purification process. The carbon odour filter reduces unwanted odours and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), while the UV-C light kills germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Features 4 speeds, auto-off timer up to 12 hours, nightlight, Replace Filter indicator and an aroma slot with 3 essential oil pads (essential oils not included). Includes 1 True HEPA filter with built-in pre-filter and carbon odour filter.


A 360-degree True HEPA filtration system removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It also captures and removed pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, mould spores and germs. UV-C light also helps to kill germs, bacteria and viruses.


The TotalClean Large Room 5-in-1 Tower Air Purifier is equipped with a night light, an auto-off timer that allows you to choose between 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours means you can set it and forget it without fuss.


Control features like three different mist settings and set auto-off timer time. The removable mist extension wand makes it perfect for floor or tabletop use while the auto-shut off protection when the unit is empty means you can set it and forget it. Clean Tank Technology helps to protect the tank from mould and mildew between cleanings.

Key Features

  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) numbers for room size of 22.7 m2 / 245 ft2
      • Tobacco Smoke: 270
      • Dust: 282
      • Pollen: 275
      • The higher the number, the faster the unit filters the air.
  • True HEPA Filtration & Carbon Odour Filtration
  • Pre-Filter - Captures larger particles, such as pet dander
  • Particle Sensor - Monitors indoor air quality and adjusts the speed as necessary.
  • 4.8 Air Changes Per Hour
  • Essential Oil Aroma Tray & 3 Oils Pads (essential oils not included)
  • Nightlight - Display light turns off when in night mode
  • Replacement Filter Indicators
  • 4 Speeds (Low, Medium, High, Auto Mode)
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • 12 Hour Auto-off Timer
  • UV-C Light - Kills Germs, Bacteria and Viruses *Shown by independent laboratory testing.
  • Mains Powered
  • Power 75W
  • Dimensions: L: 31cm x W: 31cm X H: 70cm

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    Jan S.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    Air purifier

    Definately, notice fresh air , within the 2 days that I’ve had the unit.

    USA (
    Works great and helps eliminates odors, too

    Our house is full of kids and pets, so it's always dusty. This TotalClean air purifier really does a nice job of making the air cleaner. I like the Auto mode that adjusts fan speeds as needed and leave this running almost constantly in my bedroom. I've definitely noticed fewer issues with sinus congestion and allergies since using and this thing runs quietly so I've had no issues sleeping. I don't turn on the blue LED ring light because it's too bright for my liking, but it's simple to turn on/off. Overall, I highly recommend this air purifier.

    USA (
    Excellent Air Purifier

    The Homedics TotalClean 5-in-1 tower works well. It definitely cleans the air and removes bad smells. This is a great purifier with many features. It has 3 speed settings. It has blue LED controls that light up for easy use. It can run continuously or it can shut off. Shutting it off saves on filter use. The filter is a HEPA type filter that gets lots of contaminants. It is on the smaller side at about 17 inches tall. I definitely recommend this product.

    USA (

    I am seriously impressed with the HoMedics - TotalClean 5-in-1 Large Room Tower Air Purifier. Not only does it look good but it works like a dream. It is great for getting rid of odors especially when you are cooking. Plus my kids and husband suffers from allergies and this air purifier has made such a difference in our quality of life. It also has many different features and I especially like the aroma slot. Overall its a great 5 in 1 product that is not only functional but also looks good in your house. I can not recommend it enough.

    USA (
    Works Great

    I live this air purifier. I love the features it has. I put essential oils in my pads and put them in the side and the room smells soo good. My living room smells clean and fresh. I have less dust as well. I live in the country. I love the fact of having cleaner air for my family to breath. This is a wonderful machine!!

    USA (
    Breathe Easier

    The Homedics air purifier has been a lifesaver for our family with our allergies.The day I started using the purifier we seemed to have less sneezing and coughing which totally amazed me. The tower runs so quietly you don't even know it's on and with the 5 settings you can find the one that works best for you.I also love the essintal oils pad that gives a fresh smell if you want , if not the air purifier is great for removing odors in the air and leaving the house smelling clean and fresh all on its own. I am so thankful for our air purifier I know it is removing bacteria and germs in the air helping keep the kids and my husband and I healthier and breathing much easier.

    USA (

    This thing is powerful. It is large, but it can clean the air in the room in no time. The look is sleek with clean lines and a nice blue glow (that can be turned off) touch screen buttons with three fan speeds and options for ION cleaning as well. Even a timer if you want to set it and walk away. A nice long cord if you don't have an outlet right where you want to place it. Even slot to add essential oils for added benefits. The only thing I'd add would be some pop out handles for easy mobility because it's kind of awkward to pick up and move but that has no bearing on its air purifying abilities, which are stellar. Any lingering cooking smells, smoke, pet etc will be eradicated with this machine.

    USA (
    Extremely Quite

    This is a great air filter, it has a HEPA filter with an indicator light to let you know when it needs to be cleaned, which is easily accessible. It runs extremely quite, I don't even notice it's running. The night light feature with the blue light is a nice addition too. We haven't tried the oil tray for essential oils as we use a diffuser, but that's a nice bonus if we need it. Very well made and well designed unit.

    USA (
    Get Fresher Air In Style

    I am so impressed with the TotalClean 5-in-1 Large Room Tower Air Purifier! I love that it's available in black to match my decor and the corresponding blue UV lights are an added bonus! I've been using this tower in my bedroom for about a week and the air smells fresh and clean. I no longer see the millions of dust and cat hair particles that used to float in the sun rays that came through my blinds. My husband and I can breathe so much better and our sleep quality has also improved! This tower is so easy to use and comes with a lot of extras! It has easy to read and use flush to syrface buttons that do have backlights for operation in the dark. There are multiple easy to set fan speeds for those that do or don't like white noise. The uv and Ion options can be turned on and off to accomodate user preference. Did I mention you can add essential oils to the included oil tray? This is my first air purifier experience and I was honestly skeptical of the claims that being said, I cannot recommend this product enough! You to can have reduced odor, allergens and germs all qhile enjoying the option of added scents like lavendar, peppermint, orange or whatever oil you love; it's all from one amazing machine: the TotalClean 5-in-1 Large Room Tower Air Purifier!

    USA (
    5 Levels Of Clean Air

    This TotalClean 5-in-1 Large Room Tower Air Purifier is absolutely wonderful!!! I love the fact that I can adjust the air fan speed when I am having company and when I need a little more or less, like when I am cooking. The UV-C light is a nice calming blue and works great as a night light and I can adust it as needed. I love that the light also disinfects the air we breathe. The ionizer helps to remove odors from the air. We use the auto mode a lot because it senses our indoor air quality and adjusts itself accordingly. My family loves this air purifier and we are getting another one for the other side of our house.

    USA (
    Works Amazing

    My son and I suffer with terrible allergies, and this air purifier definitely helps to lessen our symptoms considerably. I do like that you may add essential oils on the pads if you chose to. Though it states this is for a smaller room we have open area that combines several rooms, and I have noticed a considerable difference in the relief of my allergies in the entire area.

    USA (
    Great product to have!

    My first thought was on the shape and design which is unique and the color of the unit with the blue glowing nightlight makes this a very attractive model.The 5 in 1 filtration really does the job at cleaning the air of smoke and cat odors as well as others.The 360 HEPA filter has done amazing at keeping allergens down such as cat dander and dust.There has been a real noticeable difference in the air quality and breathing easier! Comes with 3 mini-filters for essential oils. You can really feel the difference in the air with this product!

    USA (
    Great features

    This by far is the best item i have ever owned i like this 5IN1 air purifier it works great. Talk about taking odors and and cigarettes out it really does. I came home and it didnt smell bad andit didnt smell like cigarettes which was awesome. It does work thank you for the opportunity.

    USA (
    Amazing Air Purifier!

    I use my HoMedics TotalClean 5-in-1 Large Room Tower Air Purifier daily and I love it! I have severe allergies and I have noticed a huge improvement in the air in my home. I love how easy it is to choose which setting I want to use and I love that it has an ionizer too! This air purifier is also stylish and has a great built in blue night light too! Fits great in my living room. I highly recommend for anyone who has allergies like myself. Great product!

    USA (
    Works Wonders

    We have a household of three generations, 3 animals (2 dogs & 1 cat) so we really needed a good air purifier. I really like the TotalClean 5-in-1 Large Room Tower Air Purifier. It has so many features which really help out. The HEPA filtration, odor filtration, multi speeds, whisper quiet etc. I love that it kills germs, viruses, bacteria, removes allergens and reduces odors. It really works wonders in our busy household.

    USA (
    Wonderful Product!!!

    I love the way my 5 in 1 air purifier works. It has a lot of different features that I use. It has 3 speeds, order filtration, and auto off timer. It makes the air fresh and clean. It also helps to remove allergens. I recommend this product if your in the market for air purifiers.