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Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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There’s a reason Gather is one of our best-selling diffusers. Its charming and attractive design is unobtrusive and blends perfectly into any décor. Consciously crafted from ceramic and wood, our Gather Diffuser can fill your space with the pure, natural scent of essential oils. The basket-weave design allows the colour-changing light to shine through and match your mood via the handy remote. Gather is also an ultrasonic diffuser, meaning it uses high-frequency technology to convert the water and essential oil into a fine mist that is then dispersed into the air evenly, delivering natural aroma to enhance your mood. From winning form to relaxing function, Gather has it all.

The Gather delivers up to 10 hours of continuous run-time. It also features a colour-changing light and a library of relaxing and uplifting sounds.

For optimal mist delivery – Ellia® recommends filling this unit with 160ml of water (using measuring jug included) and 5-7 drops of your favourite Ellia® Essential Oil.

Product of the Year 2019! In a recent survey, conducted by Nielsen, of 14,000 Australian consumers, Ellia's Gather Essential Oil Diffuser came out on top in the Air Care category for Product of the Year.


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wacko23 via

I bought mine and couldn't be happier or more relaxed

1Denise via
Love it!

I bought this diffuser about a month ago. Got home plugged it in, and fell in love. I have been using it on a daily basis now. Love the color changing light and that it has a remote control (difficult to understand at first, but I got used to now).

Happy via
Calming, Peaceful, Relaxin atmosfere

A calming, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in my bedroom. I got one today from Costco. When I opened the package, I was impressed by the quality and fine details of it that I have decided to get more and place one in every room. I'm very pleased with the product.

Barbiesundy via
Works great

Very pretty gather ultrasonic oil diffuser love that it is ceramic adds a beautiful touch to any room I love using essential oils all depends on my mood which kind I use this diffuser works very well and its beautiful

wcf3288 via
Love this diffuser!

This diffuser is my favorite of all the ones I have owned. The design is outstanding, very eye pleasing and doesnt stand out. It works well, diffuses much longer than I expected and my daughter loves the changing lights and music. I only wish it had a battery option for wireless use.

ddailey via
Contemporary Look

Love the style of this diffuser and the fact that is is ceramic. Has a nice elegant look. The remote is a nice option, and the soft lighting and music defenitally takes it a step above most other diffusers! Enjoying trying the different smells that came with and experimenting with some new ones

HJSM9 via
Love the design!

I love the design of this diffuser! Its cute and trendy and looks awesome in my house! It works well and I especially love that it comes with a remote, so I can turn it off and on from across the room. The diffuser kit comes with three small premixed essential oils that all smell amazing and are great combos. The diffuser itself is very easy to use! I love that it can change colors and that it plays different sounds!

Lbk24 via
Love this diffuser!

The Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is beautiful and has great features like the remote control so you dont have to actually disturb the diffuser(which almost always results in spilled water) in order to control. The music selections are truly rejuvenating and while Ive never been a big fan of lights on a diffuser, this one is different with beautiful colors peeking through the ceramic basketweave. Best diffuser Ive owned and Ive had quite a few!

Patsangels via
Great Essential Oil Diffuser

I got the Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser a few weeks ago. After a long day of life happenings. It's an excellant way to mediate and smell the wonderful aroma of essential oils. Just twenty minutes a day and I'm so relaxed for the res of the day. Love it!

Daisy1979 via
Very Relaxing

The Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser by Ellia is absolutely amazing. It creates a relaxing ambiance with flowing lights, soothing music and essential oils. With the included remote control the diffuser is simple to use.

kathyjh24 via
Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

I am so glad to have my new diffuser.I have not had it long but its great.It has helped me relax after work. My family looks it too.And it looks great in my livingroom. my friends and family wants one now.I highly Recommend anyone that likes diffuser to get one.

Ry Whisky via
Classy with options!

I got this a week ago and it's great! It's a little bigger than I thought it'd be, but it looks like quality and fills my 800sf space with scents well. Comes with 3 small oils, two of which I really love! It also lights up and I really enjoy the ocean sound setting. Controlled via remote but just don't loose the remote or you'll loose access to the lights and sound. Overall I'm very happy with it.

Bigkasino via
Great features

This diffuser has several options and you can control it with a remote which is very convenient! I really liked the sound options and the ability to control the volume or completely turn off the sound. This diffuser also features lights which have a couple levels of brightness and you can choose between several colors. The ease of adding water was especially nice, you just remove the lid and you can pour the water in without the need of a funnel, no spilling water every where! The mist has two settings, continuous or interval bursts. This is a nice size diffuser that is good for a larger room like a kitchen or living room!

cintikath via

This is the essential oil diffuser that does it all. It was beautifully packaged when it arrived and included everything I needed really nicely wrapped. It would be great for gifting as it included even a small starter set of oils along with a guide to essential oils. It is heavy and very well made. I have it in my bedroom but it would look great in other areas too. The remote makes it perfect for the bedroom as I just hit the button and turn it off without getting out of bed to do so. The scent of the oil is pretty much immediate once it begins to work and lasts until I turn it off or it becomes empty. It is also clearly marked for filling and I found that very helpful. It is better quality than any other diffuser I have ever used and I expect it to last for some time. I love how it just fits right into my decor. I would recommend it.

Mirandaj14 via

This diffuser is beautiful. The fact that it also has different color lights and many different sounds is a plus. I love that ut came with 3 starter oils. They smell amazing and work great. We love the diffuser.

Looks beautiful and works great

This is one of my new favorite things. This is so much more than an ordinary aroma diffuser. I love the look of it, and feel it will go with almost any decor. It has soft music, lights that change colors, and a remote to control all of those things to your specifications. For me, I like the variation in colors for the lights, but you can use the remote to keep it steady on whatever color you prefer. There's several music tracks, so it's easy to switch around and find one that suits the mood you're looking for. The mist itself is also controllable. You can keep it steady or have it set for pulse. Again, your preference as to what you like best. It has an automatic shut off, so when the water runs out, the diffuser will not dry out or get damaged. It comes with a set of mini oils, which is great to get you started. If you like using essential oils, and want a complete, peaceful ambiance, I highly recommend this diffuser.